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Volume Up Natural Straight Hair Topper

Volume Up Natural Straight Hair Topper

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Winksbeaute Straight Hair Topper

Naturally, fuller, thicker hair in seconds - Volume Up Natural Straight Hair Topper is easy to put on with just a clip for an instant natural-looking finish. No wig cap or pin is needed, built-in clips ensure a comfy yet secure hold that won’t slip off.

With the perfect length of fringe and blendable feathered sides, it will give your hair an extra boost seamlessly! Made with premium fiber that looks natural with a silky smooth texture, it can be easily trimmed, dyed, or heat-styled for flexible styling.

  • Natural, Voluminous Hair
    This soft textured hair extension will add instant volume and thickness to your hair seamlessly.

  • Instant Volume Up
    Features the perfect length of fringe with blendable feathered sides, it is perfect for adding volume to thin, flat hair.

  • Easy, Comfy to Wear
    Super easy to put on with just a few clips

  • Secure Fit
    Comes with built-in U clips that lock the wig onto your hair securely.

  • Breathable
    Just clip it on for an instant makeover with no pulling, stretching, or damaging.
  • Flexible Styling
    Perfect for all types and lengths of hair, it can be trimmed, permed, heat-styled, or dyed to satisfy your hair dreams!
  • Easy to Care
    Made with premium fiber that lasts a long lifespan without the need for special maintenance!

    • Length: 12 inches
    • Colors: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Natural Black, Brown Black

How to wear

  1. Prepare Your Hair: Style your natural hair as you normally would, making sure it's dry and brushed.
  2. Position the Topper: Align the hair topper with your natural hairline or the area you want to cover.
  3. Secure the Topper: Use the clips attached to the underside of the topper to secure it onto your natural hair.
  4. Blend and Style: Blend the topper with your natural hair by gently combing or styling them together for a seamless look.

Does it really work?

Hair toppers can be effective for enhancing the appearance of hair, adding volume, and covering thinning areas. They work well for many people, especially those experiencing hair loss or thinning. The success of a hair topper depends on choosing the right type that matches your hair color and texture, and properly securing it to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. For best results, it's crucial to ensure the topper is well-matched and properly maintained.

What is the 100% results guarantee?

We offer a risk-free Money-Back Guaranteeif you have not achieved any results after 14 days of use - no questions asked!

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  • Instant Coverage

    Add fullness on your top

  • Silk Based

    Realistic & comfortable

  • Breathable

    Convenient & Secure

  • Light Weight

    Easy to wear and remove

"I'm so happy with my first topper. It is just the perfect coverage I needed"

-Madeleine V-

Instant Volume Up

it blend with your hair naturally and cannot be found easilly.Suitable for someone who are disturbed by the middle stage of slightly hair loss, grey hair or thinning hair;


Visibly Fuller, Thicker Volume

Be a confident and charming lady in your life with this instant hair beauty transformation. A great choice to avoid embarrassment.


Let's get into the nitty gritty details


Naturally, fuller, thicker hair in seconds - Volume Up Natural Straight Hair Topper is easy to put on with just a clip for an instant natural-looking finish. No wig cap or pin is needed, built-in clips ensure a comfy yet secure hold that won’t slip off.


✓ Natural, Voluminous Hair

✓ Visibly Fuller, Thicker Volume

✓ Easy, Comfy to Wear

✓ Secure Fit


✓ Easy to Care

Are hair toppers any good?

Hair toppers are a great solution for women with hair thinning or hair loss on the crown and top of their head, but not only that, hair toppers are great for women that have fine or flat hair, because it gives you much more hair volume and coverage on top.

What is better a wig or a topper?

A wig provides coverage for the whole head, but toppers are for smaller specific areas of the head. Hair toppers have clips that are used to attach them to the existing hair.

Can you swim with a hair topper?

Yes, but we wouldn't recommend swimming in your hairpieces. And while you can absolutely swim in any piece, you should first consider the risks.You don't want to risk damaging your only hairpiece.

How does a hair topper stay on?

Usually toppers are held securely in place with pressure snap clips

Do hair toppers damage your hair?

Give your hair breaks – try to avoid sleeping in your topper, and, especially if you are wearing it frequently, try to take it out at the end of the day to give your hair a chance to recuperate.


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