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Glow™ LED Light Face Shield

Glow™ LED Light Face Shield

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Experience radiant and clearer skin with our Glow™LED Light Face Shield

A new form of LED light therapy has arrived and we love it! Our brand new GLOW LED Face Shield device uses technology developed by NASA that provides energy to help compromised cells regenerate naturally. This process helps to stimulate the production of growth factors that influence the inflammatory process, healing, and wound repair Winksbeaute Glow LED LIght Facial Therapy Mask How does GLOW LED Light Therapy Work?

Glow Face Shield utilizes RedBlue, and Amber light that penetrates the skin at different wavelengths. This combination of lights stimulates skin cells into action, as they are not only aiding the epidermis (skin’s surface) as well as deep into the dermis (the layer below the epidermis).

Winksbeaute Glow LED Light Therapy Faical Mask

LED light therapy acts almost like a battery charger for skin’s compromised cells. As the light (photons) are applied to the skin, the light emitted is absorbed by the mitochondria (DNA of the cell) and chromophores (cell membranes). This causes improved ATP (energy) synthesis, which in turn causes a metabolic reaction and results in biochemical and cellular changes including tissue repair and pain control.


What is GLOW LED Light Therapy?

Glow LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses different wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin to stimulate healing and regenerate skin cells.

This innovative LED device is lightweight and flexible, so it can be shaped over the face. The treatment is completely relaxing as the lights emit a gentle warmth for a maximum treatment time of 20 minutes.

LED light therapy is a pain-free treatment and has zero downtime. The relaxing treatment can be added onto lots of other treatments for a bespoke treatment combination to support skin recovery, repair, and many other benefits.

Winksbeaute Glow LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

What are the benefits of GLOW LED Light Therapy?

  • Stimulate skin healing and regeneration of cells
  • Anti-aging action thanks to collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Anti-bacterial healing for inflamed, pustular, and acne skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Quick and pain-free treatment
  • Relaxing and calming treatment
  • Suitable as a standalone treatment or as an add-on to other treatments

Winksbeaute Glow LED Light Therapy Faical Mask

Is there any downtime post-treatment?

There is absolutely zero downtime. The GLOW LED Light Therapy treatment takes no longer than 20 minutes, it is completely pain-free and there’s no discomfort on the skin. It’s the perfect treatment to boost your skin for a healthy and happy complexion

Winksbeaute Glow LED Light Mask

Who is the treatment for?

GLOW LED Light Therapy can be used on all skin types and is effective in treating acne as well as anti-aging concerns. It can also help with the following:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promoting collagen and elastin regeneration of the fibroblast cells
  • Reducing acne scarring
  • Minimizing blemishes, live bacteria, and excess sebum
  • Reducing inflammation on the skin
  • Calming skin redness


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Winksbeaute Glow LED Light Therapy Facial Mask


Wrinkles, lines, and bags - increasing the structure and skin barrier by stimulating the production of collagen

Rosacea - amber light is extremely effective in treating symptoms of redness, itching, and stinging caused by Rosacea

Eczema - light therapy has an anti-inflammatory feature that greatly reduces and soothes the redness caused by eczema.

Acne - combining both the antibacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties of the red and blue mode, acne bacteria is reduced and the skin gets cleared up

Cuts, Abrasions, and Burns - recovery of damaged skin is heightened and the risk of infections and scarring is minimized with the red mode that promotes healing

Scars and Stretch Marks - Aiding in the body's blood circulation regularity, routine light therapy will fade scars from acne, surgery, and injuries.

With visible results in as little as 4 weeks!

WInksbeaute Glow LED Light Face Shield


  1.  After cleansing your face, follow up with your usual skincare routine
  2.  Get in a comfortable position, lie back, and select your desired mode Mode Blue, Red or Amber depending on which skin woes you like to focus on.
  3. Use Glow™ Face Shield for 20 minutes for maximum results.
  4. Put on a facial sheet mask while using Glow™ Face Shield for double the effect.

Winksbeaute Glow LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

Package Include

  • 1 x Glow LED Light Face Shield with USB charging cable
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