Hair Root Touch-Ups To Save Your Hair Between Salon Visits

Hair Root Touch-Ups To Save Your Hair Between Salon Visits

Don’t you love that excitement you feel right after coloring your hair? The sky seems clearer, and the world seems brighter, and life generally feels happier right after you have undergone that hair transformation that you had been looking forward to for so long. But dark clouds are up ahead, as you might need to revisit the salon within a few weeks. Yes, we are talking about a hair root touch-up. As your hair starts to grow back, your roots will be the color of your natural hair, which will ruin your hair look.


Before freaking out about how much money you have to spend for weekly touch-up appointments, just hear us out

Winksbeaute hair root touch-up products conceal your grown-out roots and extend the time between each salon appointment. That means you will save more money and time. 


What Is Root Touch-up?

Root touch-up is the procedure of dyeing your hair roots. Hair color starts to fade around the roots as the new hair grows in its natural color. A root touch-up helps to cover up the visible difference between your natural hair color or grays at the roots against the dyed color on your lengths and tips. It will keep your color-treated hair last longer and save extra trips to the salon.


If you are a newbie when it comes to applying root touch-up products at home, check out these useful tips.

How To Touch Up Your Roots At Home

  • If your dye is a subtle change from your natural hair color, a root touch-up at home is not that challenging. A cover-up spray or a root touch-up powder can do the job efficiently.
  • If your dye is markedly different from your natural hair color, it will show up as a conspicuous line of demarcation. This requires more work, and you might need a permanent hair dye.
  • Avoid putting a touch-up product on the part of your hair that already has color. Stick to applying it on the roots only. If used on colored hair, it will make the hair look opaque and unnatural.
  • Use a shade finder to select the color closest to your current shade. Consider whether your current color is neutral, warm, or cool.
  • If your hair tends to pick up color quickly, always go for light colors when choosing between shades.
  • Before you begin, prime your hairline with chapstick or Vaseline to prevent staining the skin.
  • For best results, apply the touch-up only on clean, shampooed hair. Oil or dirt on the scalp can interfere with the performance and give poor results.



With these tips in your mind, giving yourself a root touch-up at home should be a piece of cake

 Tips For Using Hair Root Touch Up

  1. Apply the hair root touch up to dry hair. The hair root powder adheres to the existing hair by means of static electricity. For optimum adhesion to the hair, it is recommended to apply the hair root powder when the hair is completely dry. Moreover, the hair root powder may become lumpy when applied to wet hair.
  2.  Consider the fact that the hair root powder must be able to adhere. The hair root powder adheres to the existing hair by means of static electricity, no matter how thin the hairs may be. Even the thinnest hairs may, therefore, become thicker due to the powder.
  3.  Apply the right amount. For natural-looking results, it is recommended to not apply too many hair root powder. A small account is usually enough to give a good effect. If you apply too many, it may start looking unnatural. How many hair root powder is necessary is personal and depends on your preferences, hair condition, color, etc. Finding the right amount to use requires some experience, patience, and practice. It is easier to achieve a natural result by using fewer hair root powder rather than more. That's why you should start with small amounts and then proceed to experiment with applying hair root powder when you desire a stronger effect.
  4. Use the hair spray for added security. Hair root powder adheres to your own hair very well. To improve this, in order to make sure the hair root powder lasts longer, you can use hair spray to hold.
  5. Wash your hair with a hair growth shampoo and/or thickening shampooHealthy hair of your own is of course the basis for applying hair root powder. That is why it is important to wash your hair with an effective shampoo. And that is not all, it nourishes your hair, cares for your hair, and can stimulate hair growth. For the best possible result, use both a nourishing shampoo and a thickening shampoo.


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