How To Achieve The Perfect Hairline ?

How To Achieve The Perfect Hairline ?

Today in things you didn't know you needed to fix: hairlines. Having a perfectly even one is a rising celebrity beauty trend and stars are striving for one because it shapes the face, gives the illusion of fuller hair, and makes you look younger.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, have you ever paid any attention to your hairline? Is it straight, is it round, is it a widow’s peak or is it receding? In today’s world, beauty trends go beyond perfect skin, hourglass figure, or extreme contouring. It can focus on the smallest detail you’ve never paid much attention to, for example, your hairline.

Kim Kardashian, of course, was an early adopter of the trend and achieved a clean hairline with laser hair removal. She later revealed, however, that she regretted getting rid of her baby hairs and was envious of sister Kylie Jenner's wisps. "You can always laser your hairline but I miss mine," she shared on her app.

Winksbeaute Hair Root Touch Up is your best friend. Essentially eye shadow but for your hair. Even though the Root Touch Up is meant to camouflage grown-out highlights, it works wonders to fill in hairlines as well. The product washes out with next your shampoo and leaves minimal to no powder fall-out.

Apply the powder right at the part to get a sharp line, draw a line so you don't see any peaks and valleys—it's all one fluid shape.

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